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Vinyl Review: Last House On The Left Soundtrack (One Way Static Re-Issue)


When people talk about The Last House On The Left, one of the things they usually don’t bring up is the film’s score.

That’s not to say it’s bad or not worth mentioning, it’s just that in a film that features some of the most disturbing scenes of depravity and sadism ever put to celluloid, I guess discussions about the music kind of get swept aside.

In fact, the soundtrack never even got an official release when the movie first came out (despite what Wikipedia may tell you). It wasn’t actually released at all until 1999, and that was an ultra-limited edition affair that vanished almost immediately. It’s not until now, in 2013, that the film’s complete soundtrack is seeing a wide release – thanks to the new genre re-issue label One Way Static.

And it’s a really weird record.

Seriously. There’s a part with a kazoo. Continue reading

(Mini) Vinyl Review: Nirvana – In Utero 2013 Mix


When In Utero was re-released in a stunning Super Deluxe Package earlier this year, an easy highlight of the release was the amazing 2013 mix by original album producer Steve Albini that presented a version of the album that was even more raw and intense than the original. Now that mix, which was previously only available on CD as part of the special edition or super deluxe edition of the album has been re-released as a special limited edition item for the Black Friday Record Store Day event.

And while the release does honestly come off as a bit of a quick cash grab targeted at hardcore Nirvana fans with more dollars than sense, it’s a really good quick cash grab targeted at hardcore Nirvana fans with more dollars than sense, so I’m going to let that part slide. Continue reading