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Formerly Out-Of-Print Japanese Albums You Need Now

I write about Japanese music a lot, but I’ve been motivated to write about it even more as of late. I’ve recently covered the whole “city pop” thing a few times now, mostly to the extent that I just don’t get it. It’s fine, and there are some artists in that scene that I definitely do dig, but to me it just seems like such an odd subgenre of J-pop for people to be interested in, mostly because there’s just so much more interesting stuff out there, especially in terms of Japanese synthpop (or, as they call it, “technopop”).

And no, I’m not just talking about YMO and their related acts (although, for fuck’s sake listen to YMO and their related acts) but other artists too. The early-80s was simply jam-packed with amazing Japanese synthpop, and now, finally, a lot of the better stuff that was lost to time is being re-isssued, many for the first time on CD. So I thought I would take a quick look at three amazing artist worth checking out whose albums have recently gone back into circulation.  Continue reading

It’s 2018, ironic use of the F-word (no, the other one), isn’t okay.


I have never been a fan of the word “queer.” Wasn’t a fan of it when I was in junior high and called one. Wasn’t a fan of it when it became popular term for LGBT people to use to describe themselves. Wasn’t a fan of it when I started college and heard it in academic circles. I forever associate that word with bullies making fun of me for my perceived…queerness.

But whatever. That word has transcended its original meaning and is now used in a positive manner for those who identify as it. It’s not a word you’ll hear me say often, but the masses have spoken. Queer is an okay word to say (in context). I’m not going to argue that one.

But I won’t give “faggot” the same courtesy. Continue reading

Sniff This: Tokyo’s Smell Exhbition

You live in Japan long enough and the whole idea of “weird Japan” kind of goes away. What was once “weird” just becomes life. Oh, there’s a giant mascot shaped like an onigiri standing outside the station? Must be Tuesday.

But then your boyfriend says “I want to go to the smell museum,” and the weirdness jumps right back in your face. Continue reading