My Stupid Brain

Using Prog Rock to Combat Existential Dread


This is going to be a bit on the rambling side. Sorry about that.

When I announced to my friends and my family that I would be packing up everything and moving across the world to a country where I know no one and don’t speak the language, most of them said the same thing: “Oh my god, are you freaking out!?”

And the funny thing was that, no, I wasn’t freaking out. I was relieved! I was ecstatic! I was stoked! I was about to fulfill a dream that I worked my ass of for! To this day, nearly one month into my move to Tokyo, nothing about the move itself has made me “freak out.” At the most, I’ve felt confused (mostly because of language barriers) and at times daunted at all that had to be done, although that was widely before the move, now I’m in an easily-manageable routine.

To say I never freaked out though would be a bit of a lie. Because during this entire process I learned something about me that I had not previously suspected.

My brain is fucking stupid. Continue reading