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America: Great for Golden Girls and White Nationalism

One of the interesting things about living away from your home country is that when you come back to visit, you notice how things have changed. Not just little things like new buildings or stores in your local hood, but larger trends and societal changes.

For example, this time around I really noticed a change in TV. The cable channels have really adapted to the Netflix viewing model, and allow their viewers to binge watch their favorite TV shows. That was kind of great. I got to watch Fresh Prince, Golden Girls, and Forensic Files pretty much non-stop whenever I was in my hotel room. I was totally okay with that.

I picked up on some fashion changes too. Nothing major, but I did see a slight rise in floral patterns and colored cuffs on men’s shirts. Considering both those things are very Japanese, that surprised me a little bit. Not a big fan of that style, but whatever.

Oh yeah, I also noticed the rise of ethno-nationalism, white supremacy, and fascist ideals being put forth in mainstream discussion.

I was a lot less okay with that. Continue reading

A Thanks to Doug TenNapel, the Bigot

Earlier this week I noticed a big uptick on visitors to my site. I immediately knew this could only mean one thing: Doug TenNapel must’ve done something stupid. Continue reading

A Dream for a Left-Wing Death Wish

A remake of Death Wish is coming out later this year. Let’s take a look at the trailer.

Oh dear. That looks kind of racist, definitely sexist, and entirely tone deaf to the current US political climate. So of course it’s directed by Eli Roth, who does nothing but make ugly films with rampant racist, sexist and/or homophobic undertones. How anyone could’ve seen Hostel and thought, “yes, let’s allow this person to make more movies” is beyond me. Continue reading