Record Store Finds

The Star Wars Trailer Sound Tape – What The Hell is This Thing?

I bought this tape and I don’t know what it is.

I picked it up at a local record store last month. It had literally been there most of the year. First it was priced at 5,000 yen. After a few months with no takers, they sliced it down to 3,000 yen. At that point it became tempting, but I held my ground, telling my boyfriend that I wouldn’t buy it for any more than 2,000 yen. Cue a few months later, and they cut it down to 1,500, so I snagged it. 

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Record Store Finds: Psychedelic Tangerine Jams, African New Wave and Anime

Toledo, Ohio is a horrible place where no one should be forced to visit, let alone live.

That being said, it’s a shockingly great place to find records, so I thought I’d share the four records I picked up this weekend while I was trapped in the city visiting my family.


Studio Ghibli Kokyo Kyokshu – Princess Mononoke Version


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