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Check Out This Dumb Thing I Bought: Hanshin Tigers Gamecube

Japan has this chain of second-hand stores called Book-Off. Like it’s name suggests, it started as a second-hand bookstore, but over the years its morphed into a general secondhand media store. At Book-Off you can buy DVDs, CDs, video games, and even VHS tapes and laserdiscs at some locations.

Book-Offs are dope, and  have become my go to spots for finding the weird and unusual, usually at cut-rate prices. Thanks to my crate-digging at Book-Off I’ve found countless game music CDs on the cheap, a few weird movies, and even some great classic GBA titles. But last week’s score has to be a crowning achievement.





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Invada Responds to My Record Store Day Post

My post on what I saw as problems with Record Store Day caught the interest of a lot of people – especially Invada Records, the label I called out specifically in my write-up.

And since Invada is a small label run by a handful of very awesome people, they took the time to respond to my criticisms with the post below. In it, they raise a lot of very good points that I was not aware of, and I think it sheds some light on the problems labels face when planning limited edition releases.

I stand by the gist of what  said, I don’t think Record Store Day is a fan-friendly event anymore. And if it keeps going like it is then it’s going to self-destruct and take out some records stores with it. But I apologize to Invada if I was overly harsh towards them. They are one of my favorite labels, I only focused on them because they were the only label whose releases I was following.

Anyways, its good to get their side of the story, read on: Continue reading