This Week in Retro Releases

While I don’t plan on doing much in the way of “news” stories at this site, I will be doing these weekly updates showcasing new releases, new editions and re-releases of older films and albums. I may also expand this to games at some point.

I got kinks to work out with the layout still, but I wanted to get this up, so here you go: what new in the world of old movies and music for the week of April 21st, 2013.

It’s a pretty light one.





Jurassic Park 3D (Blu-ray/DVD combo)
Experience the needless 3D-conversion of a classic in the comfort of your own home (provided you have both a 3D Blu-ray player and a 3D HDTV). Aside from the pointless 3D disc, this is identical to the Blu-ray that came out as part of the Jurassic Park Trilogy box set in 2011. That box set is only 10 bucks more than this new edition, so if you don’t like 3D and care at all about the two sequels, then you should probably just grab that version instead.









The Grapes of Death (Blu-ray)
Contaminated wine turns people into zombies in this decidedly French take on the zombie genre and one of Jean Rollin’s more mainstream features. The disc includes a 50-minute documentary on Rollin, which was also on the previously released DVD.










Southwest Championship Wrestling: Best of the 80s Volume 1 (DVD)
Okay, I’ll be honest, I don’t know what this is really. I just saw the title listing on Amazon and knew I had to mention it. According to the description it has Shawn Michaels! So that’s probably worthwhile to someone out there.












OMD – English Electric
The US physical release of OMD’s latest album, their second since reforming in 2010. It’s gotten good reviews, and this deluxe edition includes a bonus DVD. However, if you’re really into OMD then you should probably order the album from their website, where you can get it in various super deluxe packages with even more bonus content.









Blade Runner Original Soundtrack
The first ever vinyl pressing of Vangelis’ score to the classic Ridley Scott film, on 180g translucent red vinyl. I’m getting this, expect a review.











The Blow Monkeys – Feels Like A New Morning
The digital version of the latest album by the synthpop act comes out this week, but fans might want to hold out until May 19th. That’s when the CD version comes out in the states, and it includes a bonus acoustic disc full of classic Blow Monkeys tracks.










Whitesnake – Made In Japan
Whitesnake is huge in Japan, so it make sense that they would record a live album there. This one is available in a couple different flavors. There’s a 2CD/DVD set that includes the entire concert on both formats, or a Blu-ray edition which for some reason does not include the CD version. So you either get your CDs or you get Whitesnake in HD, but you don’t get both apparently. Protip: Go for the CD/DVD combo, Whitesnake are crazy old now. Do you really want to see them in high-definition?









Queensryche with Geoff Tate – Frequency Unknown
So this is fun. It seems right now there are not one, but two Queensyrches. Lead singer Geoff Tate was fired from the band last year and replaced with new lead singer Todd La Torre. Tate, not happy about this, formed his own version of the group with all new members. Now everyone is suing everyone, but a judge ruled that both bands have equal rights to the name until the case is settled later in the year.

All signs point to Tate’s version of the group being a steaming mess. The album was heavily mixed and reworked after recording was complete, and early fan reaction hasn’t been positive. The label put the album up on Soundcloud for fans to listen to, but took it down almost immediately after receiving overwhelming negative reaction. I’m not buying this one, but I sure can’t wait to see what happens next in the soap opera that is Queensryche.




Electric Light Orchestra – Live
A live album taken from the band’s 2001 Zoom tour. Although from what I know this was pretty much a Lynne solo affair, with nary an old ELO member to be found. It also includes two previously unreleased studio tracks, which will probably be of more interest to ELO fans than another live record.

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  • Jason K says:

    Love the OMD. I saw them last year and then caught their Coachella set when it aired online during weekend 1. If you listen to anything on the new one make it Metroland! (and the Kraftwerk-inspired Jonteknik remix)

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