Record Sleeve Finds: XTC’s Paper Box

Most goodies hidden in record sleeves are flat, for obvious reasons. However, in 1989 XTC thought outside the box and were able to give their fans a…box.


This odd looking paper box was included as a bonus in some pressings of the group’s excellent album Oranges and Lemons. It’s one of the more simple, yet oddly appealing extras I’ve found in a record sleeve. It’s such a great idea, but I’ve never seen any other albums do anything like it.

Most posters and other bonuses hidden inside sleeves are cool to look at, but I rarely remove them more than once. This, on the other hand, I proudly display on my computer desk, it sits atop my speakers, a cube tribute to 80s new wave.





There’s really not much to this one. It’s just something rather nifty that makes a good desk decoration. But I really appreciate the thought that went into it. I wish I had other albums in cube form.

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  • Mark says:

    I never even knew this existed…. LOVE IT!! Thank you for sharing, and what a cool object to have on display. XTC were great for doing stuff like that with their albums and singles. Alas, this sort of fun has been taken out of sleeve design …

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