This is a song about Dig Dug by the guy who sang Dream Weaver


I have no idea why.

I need to know more about this song. I need to know how this happened. Someone, anyone, help me. Someone out there has to have inside information as to why Gary Wright (The Dream Weaver) was so moved by motherfucking Dig Dug that he decided to craft a pop song about it,but then decide to release it as “Digital Air” and not his own name (but while still giving himself the writing credit under his actual name).

This is the kind of shit that keeps me up at night.

Heartbreaking sidenote: the b-side is labeled as “Berzerk” but it’s really just “Dig Dug” again! I would murder someone to hear Gary Wright’s take on “Berzerk.”

Click here to download and WATCH OUT FOR THE ROCK!

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  • I just shot myself directly in the cerebellum. Thanks.

  • Squid Boy says:

    A google found this: “Promotional copy. Not for Sale.” Same track on both sides. Inspired by the ’80s video game of the same name. Digital Air is Gary (Dream Weaver) Wright’s attempt to cash in on the success of Buckner & Garcia’s “Pac Man Fever”

    And this at

    I got this a while back and meant to post about it but never thought too until today. It’s actually about Dig Dug, and was recorded by Gary Wright of Dreamweaver fame under an alias (“Digital Air), but it sucks. Unlike Pac Man Fever it has no game sounds and it’s obvious he never even played the damn thing, he says it’s a game about “the mallard in a vase” (Dig Dug) “spinning the purple disc looking for treasure” and calls Pooka and Fygar “Balloon Man and Dragon.” He also figured out that you drop rocks since half the song is him going “Watch out for the rock!” but I don’t think the poor guy ever realized you could inflate the enemies too. Anyone else have a copy? Maybe someone has the non-promo that has a song about Berzerk? I’ve bought three or four copies now trying to find the version with the Berzerk song but no luck so far. I’d have to imagine it’s pretty terrible as well but I’d still love to hear it.

    :::It looks like the version with Berzerk is available here.

    So I decided to ask the Dreamweaver himself. He has a website with an email address. So I just sent:

    Dear Dreamweaver,

    I’m a huge fan of your work. Someone pointed me to a song you wrote about the video game “Dig Dug” that you released as “Digital Air.”

    I am really interested in the story behind this song. How did you come to write and produce this? Are there any great ‘behind the scenes’ stories about this that you’re willing to share?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    -Squid Boy

    I’ll report back if he responds.

    • James Eldred says:

      I totally emailed Gary Wright about this a month ago and never heard back sadly.

      And most versions SAY they have Berzerk, they just don’t, unfortunately, but thanks for looking out!

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