Unboxing Gallery – Envy: Invariable Will, Recurring Ebbs And Flows



Envy is a Japanese post-hardcore/post-rock/post-metal/post-whatever band that has built up quite the following in both their native country and in the states. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Temporary Residence has released this, Invariable Will, Recurring Ebbs And Flows, a massive box set that includes every single song the band has ever commercially released.

Did I say massive? I said massive right? Because holy hell this thing is massive.

Invariable Will… is a complete discography of Envy, including their early singles, their full-length albums, and their contributions to various split releases over the years. That’s 95 songs in total, all spread out over 14 (FOURTEEN!!) LPs. Thankfully for sanity’s sake, a DVD-ROM that includes high-quality MP3s of every song in the set is also included (as well as a DVD with live performances).

I don’t feel a need to review something like this aside from saying that the presentation is top-notch and both the MP3s and vinyl (that I’ve listened to so far anyways) all sound great. If you like Envy and want to fill in the holes of your collection with something that both looks and sounds amazing, then you should snag this pronto. Or if you’re like me and have always had an interest in the group but didn’t know where to begin, this is a great purchase for you as well.

So instead of a review, I thought I’d just share some pictures showcasing how massive (seriously, it’s crazy massive) and amazing looking this box set is. This gallery doesn’t’ do this thing justice (because like I said: massive) but it gives you an idea.

And when the hell else am I going to get a chance to display 14 crystal clear LPs side-by-side again?



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  • Paul says:

    I agree… it’s a beautiful set. I’m studying Japanese, so one of the big draws for me was the book with all the lyrics in Japanese & English. Unfortunately, from my explorations so far, it seems like the Japanese lyrics include some errors, and the English translations are pretty dodgy in places. But I’m still enjoying the music.

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