I Am Literally Big In Japan


Earlier today I was sitting in my new apartment in Tokyo, steaming my suits and listening to Yes when I realized that my life has taken some pretty unexpected turns as of late.

I mean, I never thought I’d be listening to Yes.

Seriously though,  just six months ago I was an underemployed bum slacking off with various lazy writing jobs and with almost no ambition or drive to really do anything – working from home and sitting in front of a computer, barely talking to anyone in the outside world all day. Tomorrow I have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning and put on a suit for my first day at “the office!” I would have never imagined I would be doing anything remotely like that, let alone looking forward to it.

My point is that things change. In the past year I’ve changed, my life has changed, and now this site is going to change.

When I started this site a few months back, my goal was to have it be something dedicated to covering everything I like – which is mostly retro (see what I did there?) games, music and movies. But I just don’t have the time to do that anymore, nor the drive. Let’s be honest, this site pretty much became “audiophile nerd review weekly” within just a few months time anyways, and while I’m hopefully going to continue to write those types of reviews, I think it’s time to expand my horizons.

From this point forward, Mostly-Retro is going to be more of a personal blog recounting my experiences, lessons and adventures living in Japan. As it’s MY personal blog, it’s probably going to have a heavy pop culture focus, with plenty of reviews, but don’t be surprised to read a lengthy post about something like walking around Shibuya, the perils of Japanese apartments, or the highs and lows of being a six and a half foot tall giant living in a country populated with exceptionally tiny people.

Anyways, I hope it will be interesting! Both for you and me, and expect more content here coming soon!

6 Responses to I Am Literally Big In Japan

  • Eric Schulz says:

    James, you could write a cookbook on different ways to make toast and I would read it! Love your style!

  • Jacques says:

    That sounds very cool. Enjoy your new surroundings and let us/me know what the vinyl shopping in Tokyo is like. All the best with the “new Life” (could not help the shameless DM plug).

  • Oscar Boom says:

    I’m sorry to subject you to this, but I feel obligated to quote Genesis after reading your post. And, although a great deal of early Genesis stuff is epic (see Supper’s Ready, The Fountain of Salmacis, Back In NYC), some of it’s a bit silly and that definitely includes this piece, “Get ‘Em Out By Friday”.

    “This is an announcement from Genetic Control:
    “It is my sad duty to inform you of a four foot restriction on
    humanoid height.”

    Extract from conversation of Joe Ordinary in Local Puborama
    “I hear the directors of Genetic Control have been buying all the
    properties that have recently been sold, taking risks oh so bold.
    It’s said now that people will be shorter in height,
    they can fit twice as many in the same building site.
    (they say it’s alright),
    Beginning with the tenants of the town of Harlow,
    in the interest of humanity, they’ve been told they must go,
    told they must go-go-go-go.”

    Thanks for your writing here and on Lost Turntable and I wish you well in Japan.

  • mike burke says:

    best wishes to you, james! long time reader of lost turntable (hello vinyl extended versions of neil young trans!) and your new site here. change is always good. enjoy it!

  • Jason says:

    love the blog and looking forward on the new posts… congrats on the move… my only comment would be for you to comment more on the comments…

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