VHS Rip Success – Mario Paint Instructional Video

Just a few days back I was complaining that I couldn’t get my radical new VHS ripping machine to work properly, but that crisis is now thankfully over! I got it all up and running thanks to the magical wonder of DVD-RAM. Whatever problem I was having setting up my DVD rips to work in my computer was apparently not an issue with DVD-RAM. My computer read those files no problem at all, and I was able to convert them to a YouTube-friendly format with ease.

So enjoy the official Mario Paint Instructional Video.

I really wish I would’ve had something like this when I was a kid and playing with Mario Paint. There are some really fantastic tips in here. Using stamps to make ultra-fine lines, for instance, I don’t know if I ever thought of that. I only used stamps to make pixel art.

I was so bad at Mario Paint. I really loved it, and I remember playing it a lot, but I could never really make anything great with it. I think my crowning achievement was a short animation of an alien hand shooting a lightgun. I think I even sent that off to Nintendo Power for a contest. I’m sure there were a billion entries better than my pathetic attempt though.

This tape has been uploaded to YouTube before, but it was kind of hard to search for because the uploader only used katakana in the title. I hope my upload will make it easier for people to see this amazing video.

Additionally, my copy came with a cool insert.

According to my boyfriend, and my own limited Japanese ability, this is a brochure for game guides. I suppose these are the guides I see at Nakano Broadway for $50-$100 now.

Now that I got my VHS ripping set-up up and running properly, I’m hoping that I can start sharing these on the regular. Hope you enjoy.

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